Do you have the legal documents for the land ownership and real estate development?

The land on which the building is located is a free hold “NebarYizota” property with title deed No CKS. The deed number is CKS 17/03/1902/9729/02.

Abera Bunaro Real Estate has been legally established in 2017. Its Real Estate License is current and renewed for this year.

A current and valid building Permit Certificate has been granted from the City Government of Addis Ababa Construction Permit & Control Authority for the construction of Nu Foqya building.

The name “Nu Foqya” has been registered at the Ethiopian Intellectual Property Office and is a property of Abera Bunaro Real Estate.

What does the name Nu Foqya signify?

“Nu Foqya” translates to “Our Building” in Wolaitegna, the native tongue of Wolaita in southern Ethiopia. This in essence extends a welcome to all, for residents and neighbors alike joining to create community and togetherness.

What are the unique advantages of Nu Foqya luxury apartments?

There cannot be enough said about the location of this building. It truly is directly in the heart of the capital city surrounded by all the best things Addis has to offer.

What will be the prospect of rental and resale value of Nu Foqya apartments?

Ethiopia’s economy is growing at a rapid and steady pace and property values have been on the increase for some time now. Acquiring an early lease or a deed for a space in one of the most stable economies in Africa is recommended for savvy renters and investors.

How do I follow-up on the progress of the Nu Foqia Building construction?

Please check our “News” page on the website for ongoing construction updates as well as other related neighborhood news. You can also CONTACT US here.